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Attorney Tyson Daniel Consults on Cannabis for Washington Post

Reporters Recognized Attorney Daniel’s Extensive Knowledge Regarding Virginia Cannabis Law as a Resource for Their Article

RICHMOND, Va (December 31, 2019)—In a recent Washington Post article exploring the future of industrial hemp growth and CBD production in Virginia, Attorney Tyson Daniel shared his legal outlook on the subject. While he doesn’t expect growers to run up against current regulations, Daniel said, the state should consider adapting laws to better meet the reality of hemp farming.

After Virginia revised its code to allow industrial hemp growth, over 1,100 farmers registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). The market is poised to expand in the new year should the USDA confirm that the state’s plans meet national regulations for hemp production. Daniel expects approval without issue but points out that hemp and cannabis law has a long way to go.

As the founder of Virginia Hemp Lawyers, Attorney Daniel is heavily involved with the advancement of legalization both in Virginia and on a national scale. In 2018, the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill allowing the sale of CBD and THC oils by approved pharmacies. Other forms of possession and use are still prohibited, so advocates are pushing for the full legalization of cannabis. Daniel works alongside them, citing support from both liberal and conservative Virginians as justification for the change.

For now, growing industrial hemp isn’t as simple as acquiring and planting seeds. Would-be farmers must jump through many hoops, filing the right paperwork and ensuring continued compliance. Attorney Daniel founded Virginia Hemp Lawyers™ to guide growers through the complex process. As long as cannabis-related legal questions abound, he will be there with answers.

11 states have legalized recreational marijuana, and 22 others have approved the substance for medical use. Virginia lawmakers considered a decriminalization bill in 2018 but declined to pass it at the time. Another decriminalization bill has been pre-filed for consideration in the 2020 session.

Virginia Hemp Lawyers operates out of Roanoke, VA but is the only hemp-specific law firm in the state. As a former business owner, Founding Attorney Tyson Daniel understands entrepreneurs’ diverse slate of challenges and creates legal strategies that account for their other needs. The firm refers clients to professionals for guidance in other areas, providing a comprehensive network to promote the success of their businesses. Virginia Hemp Lawyers can be found online at