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Grower, Processor & Dealer Permits for the Hemp/Cannabis Industry

Growing hemp in Virginia is now possible for many aspiring industrial hemp growers. Prior to March 21, 2019, hemp could only be grown in Virginia under a strict, exclusionary regulatory scheme. Amendments to the Virginia Industrial Hemp Law now allow for the commercial production of hemp. It is easier now than ever to become a Virginia licensed marijuana grower.

Can You Grow Marijuanas in Virginia?

In Virginia, a person 21 years of age or older may cultivate up to four marijuana plants for personal use at their place of residence. Although the legislation permits adults to possess up to four plants for personal use, cultivating these green marvels remains strictly prohibited. Think of it as a "toke & purchase," not a "sow and reap" scenario.

As Virginia navigates this evolving legal landscape, future regulatory adjustments may unlock opportunities for homegrown greenery. Until then, it's crucial to adhere to the current statutes and seek legitimate sources for personal cannabis enjoyment.

To legally possess hemp seeds, flowers, leaves, or plants in this state, you must register as an industrial grower, processor, or dealer. You may also register as an agent of someone else who has registered.

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If you need legal assistance with registering for any of the above permits, Virginia Hemp Lawyers™ offers comprehensive legal help. Our firm focuses entirely on legal issues pertaining to hemp and cannabis businesses. This unique and concentrated focus has given us valuable knowledge and experience. Furthermore, our firm stays up-to-date with the ever-changing legal landscape involving hemp and cannabis cultivation.

Understanding the Virginia Cannabis Licensing Process

Obtaining a cannabis license in Virginia can be a complex and daunting process, but our team of experienced permitting lawyers is here to guide you through every step. Whether you are looking to apply for a grower, processor, or dealer permit for the hemp/cannabis industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the legal requirements and regulations.

Key aspects of the cannabis licensing process in Virginia include:

  • Understanding the application requirements and deadlines
  • Ensuring compliance with state and local regulations
  • Preparing a comprehensive business plan and security measures
  • Navigating the zoning and land use considerations
  • Addressing any legal challenges or obstacles

Don't let the complexities of cannabis licensing hold you back from pursuing your business goals. Reach out to our permitting lawyers today to get the professional guidance and support you need to successfully obtain a cannabis license in Virginia.

How to Get a Cannabis License in Virginia

To get a cannabis dealing, processing, or cultivation license in Virginia, you need to submit an application for a Pharmaceutical Processor license to the Board of Pharmacy. You will pay an initial application fee of $10,000 at the time of the application submission. Once your permit is issued, you will pay a permit fee of $60,000.

Grower, processor, and dealer permits in Virginia are issued on an annual basis and must be renewed. For renewing your permit annually, you would pay a fee of $10,000.

Virginia Code defines each type of industrial registrant as follows:

  • A grower is anyone who plans to plant, cultivate, or harvest
  • A processor is anyone who plants to convert hemp into a product
  • A dealer is anyone who plans to buy, process, or sell hemp in accordance with state or federal law

Products are those that contain industrial hemp. This can include rope, oil, extracts, food or their additives, cosmetics, building supplies, animal feed or bedding, and more.

Under state law, your hemp may be sampled and tested for THC content. THC concentration levels must not exceed 5% on a dry weight basis or you will be required to destroy it. Oil must be a minimum of 15% CBD or 15% THCA-A.

At Virginia Hemp Lawyers™, we can help you with ensuring your business is legally compliant with current and future hemp and cannabis laws. Because of our dedication to understanding cannabis law, we are fully prepared to assist you with all aspects of legal cannabis in Virginia.

Do I Need a Licenses to Sell CBD in Virginia?

In Virginia, it is illegal to sell CBD products that contain more than 5% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Anyone selling CBD oil must obtain a license from the State Department of Agriculture.

The license will require sellers to prove that their product contains less than 5% THC and pass laboratory tests to ensure safety. Additionally, sellers must meet the state's labeling and packaging requirements.

Any seller violating these regulations will face penalties including fines, revocation of their license, or even criminal prosecution. Because selling CBD is now subject to regulation in Virginia, it is important for anyone looking to sell the oil they obtain a license from the state and follow all regulations closely.

Let us help you obtain a cannabis grower's license or related business license. Connect with our office today at (540) 401-5564.

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Virginia Hemp Lawyers™ is here to provide the guidance you need with all of your hemp-related business concerns. Our firm offers comprehensive legal assistance to growers, processors, and dealers across the state of Virginia.

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