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In a legal landscape that is in flux, all aspects of the hemp industry fall under both state and federal laws. Land use and zoning for cannabis projects may be subject to local laws, ordinances, and regulations as well, making the issue more complex. Understanding the hows and the whys can be difficult to grasp without the counsel of a land use lawyer who concentrates on the hemp business.

At Virginia Hemp Lawyers™, we serve the hemp industry in Virginia and offer proficient legal help with all aspects of cannabis- and hemp-related business activities. This includes land use and zoning for hemp business projects throughout Virginia.

If you need legal assistance in handling any issue related to land use and zoning for your potential or ongoing project, Virginia Hemp Lawyers™ can help. We regularly work advising clients on their rights regarding their hemp related development project. Since this field is what we deal with on a daily basis, we can provide legal guidance and solutions for the issues that can arise.

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Virginia's Hemp & Cannabis Zoning and Land Planning

Currently, forty states in the U.S. have eliminated legal impediments to hemp production. In 2018, Congress legalized hemp in its Farm Bill, opening the way to a potential massive growth in the industry. In April of 2020, Virginia signed Senate Bill 918 to approve industrial hemp extract as a food, thus subjecting hemp production to all applicable regulations.

The demand for medical marijuana and the overall shift toward a relaxed position on the use of cannabis has grown in recent years. Because of this, it has become necessary for Virginia and its local jurisdictions to reexamine its land use and zoning laws and regulations. As the cannabis and hemp industries continue to expand, land planning and zoning ordinances will likely need to adapt.

Incoming legislation will allow localities to determine if they will harbor cannabis related businesses. Additionally, localities will be able to regulate the business hours of such establishments, fining those that go against these regulations.

Understanding Virginia's Hemp Cultivation Regulations

Even with these many new freedoms, hemp is still a regulated product. You are required to obtain a license before you can start planting hemp as a crop. Additionally, you must fully own the land you plan to use for production. Your production field can be randomly selected for inspection to ensure your crop does not exceed 0.3% total THC.

At our law firm, we stay on top of all new changes regarding hemp and cannabis production in Virginia. This is a constantly changing area of law, and we are dedicated to protecting you and your business interests. We can work with you to ensure your hemp business is consistently compliant with federal, state, and local government real estate development laws.

Our firm can provide assistance on this issue with:

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Zoning codes can be complicated. Any building project will be subject to permits and inspections. Virginia Hemp Lawyers™ is here to help you avoid any legal pitfalls. We can ensure your operation complies with all land use and zoning rules in your local area, whether you're a grower, processor, or distributor.

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Years of Experience

Virginia Hemp Lawyers™ has been helping clients with business-related concerns for years. We understand the challenges you face, and we are prepared to help you get started off on the right foot. We can help you better plan for your business’s future by ensuring you get accurate, dependable zoning information for your needs. Call now to get started on your consultation.

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